Owned and operated by Olly Warner, Fretronics Engineering specialises in hardware repair, development and consultancy. 

Olly originally gained an interest in electronics at an early age from his long standing passion for the RAF’s fast jet squadrons (particularly Tornado GR4s). Fascinated by the engineering behind the fast jets and also having played the guitar from a young age, he developed an interest in the equipment used in live sound production and the engineering behind it. He began modifying guitars and effects pedals in his early teenage years and this developed quickly into designing his own electronics using analog electronics, jellybean logic and basic microcontrollers & software. This carried all the way through high school and into university. 

Olly studied at the University of Glasgow and graduated with a Master of Engineering in Electronics and Electrical Engineering with Music – a combined degree studying both music and electronics – and is a member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology. Core elements of the MEng included data acquisition for musical processing, digital signal processing, audio specific programming and analogue/digital electronics. As part of his studies, Olly carried out a six-month placement at Leonardo MW in Edinburgh working on the latest radar technology. During this time, Fretronics Audio was born, taking on basic guitar and effects pedal repairs. By the time Olly came to graduate from university, Fretronics had already built up such a good reputation that it was a natural progression to turn it into a full time business.

Since being fully operational in 2018, Fretronics has grown to be one of the UK’s best repair centres for audio electronics. Now expanding into research and development, Fretronics is taking on contracts for design, consultancy and small scale manufacturing for the electronics industry.

Fun fact: When not designing electronics, Olly enjoys cooking Creole food and playing gypsy jazz guitar